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Belridge II, Tract Map, Conditional Use Permit and Lot Line Adjustment/SUB2013-00042, SUB2014-00017
Request by Belridge Park II, LLC for a Lot Line Adjustment and Tract Map and Conditional Use Permit. The Lot Line Adjustment will adjust the lot lines between two legal parcels of 43,271 and 40,799 sf each. The adjustment will result in two parcels of 9,822 sf and 1.7 acres each. The Lot Line Adjustment portion of the project will not result in the creation of any additional parcels. The reason for the adjustment is to provide a parcel for the existing residence that can be sold while the remainder of the site continues through tract improvements and final map portion of the subdivision process. The Tract Map/Conditional Use Permit portion of the proposal is to subdivide two existing parcels totaling 1.92 acres into 14 parcels ranging in size from 3,548 to 12,509 sf as a planned development. Thirteen of the resulting parcels will be developed with single family residences ranging in size from 1,200 to 1,300 square feet with 400-500 square foot attached garages. One parcel will be a private park area for the development. The project site is within the Residential Single Family land use category and within the South County (San Luis Bay Subarea) planning area in the community of Oceano. The site is currently developed with a single family residence on proposed Lot 14 (Lot 2 of the Lot Line Adjustment) which will remain on the property. The remainder of the site is undeveloped.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
San Luis Obispo County Belridge Park II, LLC, Lot Line Adjustment, Tract Map with Conditional Use Permit; SUB2013-00042
San Luis Obispo County Belridge II, Tract Map, Conditional Use Permit and Lot Line Adjustment/SUB2013-00042, SUB2014-00017

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