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Lot Line Adjustment No. 2014-070
Lot line adjustment between two parcels in Yosemite West. Parcel A, APN 006-080-026, located at 7305 Yosemite Park Way is 0.331 acres, zoned Rural Residential and has 1 single family residence. Parcel A is in the Residential Land Use Designation of the General Plan. Parcel B, APN 006-070-029 is a 312.899 acre, undeveloped parcel, zoned General Forest and in the Natural Resources General Plan land use designation. The applicant's request is to add 40 acres through the lot line adjustment process to Parcel A (0.331 acre existing to proposed 40.331 acres) and to reduce Parcel B from 312.899 acres to 272.899 (please note that site plan incorrectly shows proposed size to be 272.568). No development is being proposed or has been proposed with this project. Any future development will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the CEQA and applicable regulations.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Mariposa County Lot Line Adjustment No. 2014-070; Judd & Yosemite Highlands, Inc
Mariposa County Lot Line Adjustment No. 2014-070