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PWM Inc. - Hilfiker Monopole
A Coastal Development Permit and Conditional Use Permit for the construction of a new 140 foot tall cellular communications tower and associated facilities. The northwest corner of the property is currently host to recently permitted residential development (CDP-04-106/Hilfiker). The approximately 16.5-acre parcel resulted from a prior Lot Line Adjustment (LLA-99-07). The tower is proposed to be located near the northeast corner of the property and will utilize a monopole design capable of supporting occupancy by multiple carriers. Nine (9) to twelve (12) panel antennas are currently expected to be installed near the top of the proposed tower. Each carrier proposing to site equipment on the tower will be required to submit a Cumulative RF report showing that the resulting Radio frequency (RF) emissions from the proposal will not exceed FCC standards for public exposure. Associated ground-based electronic equipment, including a back-up generator and equipment shelter(s), would be located within a fenced approximately 4,900 square foot lease area. The tower will improve service along Highway 101, the north and south spit, and the Humboldt Hill and Pine Hill areas, south of Eureka. The project is being pursued by PWM Inc., a local private communication site developer and owner, who wish to facilitate construction of the tower and leasing of the facility after securing commitments from other cellular providers interested in co-locating on the structure. Minimal ground disturbance is expected and no trees are proposed to be removed.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Humboldt County PWM Inc. Conditional Use Permit & Coastal Development Permit
Humboldt County PWM Inc. - Hilfiker Monopole