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SouthWest Metal Company
The Site is currently the inactive/vacant location of a former battery breaking and secondary lead smelter facility that was in operation from approximately 1975 to 1983. During this time period, Site operations included used battery disassembly; draining and storage/neutralization of battery electrolyte in several acid pits, and recovery of the lead battery plates for smelting in the on-Site furnace and kettles. The lead was refined in a series of kettles and poured into ingots for sale. A letter addressed to the United States Environmental Protection Agency from a contractor for the USEPA stated that the former facility "included one building, several concrete-lined acid pits, several unlined underground fuel storage tanks, one concrete-lined wastewater collection pond, several kilns [kettles], and some bins" (Ecology and Environmental, Inc. [EEI], 1988). In 1980, a new drainage ditch and a concrete pond (40 ft L, 20 ft W, 10 ft deep) were constructed on the south side of the Site to collect stormwater runoff. The facility dismantled in 1987.
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Department of Toxic Substances Control SouthWest Metal Company - Removal Action Work Plan
Department of Toxic Substances Control SouthWest Metal Company