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1300 El Camino Real Greenheart Project
Project consists of approval and implementation of a RAW for environmental cleanup for a portion of a 3.5 acre multi-parcel site being developed for mixed uses consisting of retail, residential, restaurant, and office space. The overall development project has street addresses on Derry Lane, Oak Grove Ave., and El Camino Real in Menlo Park, CA. The RAW addresses contamination from spills, leaks, and discharges of perchloroethylene (PCE - aka Dry Cleaning Fluid) associated with historic operations at the former dry cleaning facility at 570 Derry Lane. An EIR was prepared for the overall development project by the City of Menlo Park (February 2016). As identified in the EIR and the RAW, cleanup at the site will consist of soil excavation with off-site disposal, in-situ chemical oxidation for groundwater treatment, and installation of vapor venting features to mitigate any residual risks associated with PCE vapors. In addition, a groundwater and vapor monitoring program will be implemented, and land use controls will be instituted to limit future sensitive uses of the site. The RAW and cleanup of a portion of the site are part of a larger development project. Greenheart Land Company is proposing to redevelop 11 assessor's parcels of land between El Camino Real and the CalTrain right-of-way into a mixed-use development. The overall development project would demolish he existing structures in the southern portion of the site and construct approx.. 420,000 sq. ft. of mixed uses at the Project site. In total, the project would include three mixed-use buildings, a surface parking lot, an underground parking garage, onsite linkages and landscaping. The uses at the project site would include a range of approx.. 188,900 sf to 199,300 sf of non-medical office space in two buildings; approx.. 202,100 sf of residential space (up to 202 housing units0 in one building; and up to 29,000 sf of community-serving space throughout the proposed office and residential buildings. The project would provide approx.. 1,000 parking spaces within the parking garage and a surface parking lot. After street abandonment and dedication actions under the Project, the total site area would consist of approx.. 7.2 acres.
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City of Menlo Park Derry Lane Mixed Use Development
City of Menlo Park 1300 El Camino Real Greenheart Project
City of Menlo Park 1300 El Camino Real Greenheart Project