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Lompico Road Bridge Scour Repair Project
The Project is limited to an interim repair of existing scour holes affecting bridge abutments at the Lompico Road bridge located at mile post marker 1.82. The downstream retaining wall consists of a short section of full height rock rubble wall with a concrete crib wall on top extending up to the roadway. Scour has undermined the wall along with the concrete invert and a portion of the bridge abutment compromising the stability of the roadway and the bridge abutment. Once the site has been dewatered and the site has been isolated from the stream then the loose sands in the scour areas will be removed for a depth of approximately 8 inches down to bedrock. Rock shall be placed at the face of the scour holes to seal off the undermined area. A concrete grout will then be pumped through the rock to fill the undermined areas. Approximately 9 cubic yards of sand will be excavated and replaced with approximately 12 cubic yards of concrete grout and rock slope protection. Disturbance will occur in an area of 60 linear feet and 250 square feet. Prior to construction, a path will be cleared across the riparian woodland and Channel 1 wide enough to allow equipment access to the wing wall. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is executing a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement Number 1600-2012-0436-R3 pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project Applicant, Russell Chen, Santa Cruz County Department of Public Works.
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Santa Cruz County Lompico Road Bridge Repair Project
Santa Cruz County Lompico Road Bridge Scour Repair Project