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Shell Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project
Note: Response to Comments The primary objective of this Project is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the Shell Refinery (the Refinery) in Martinez, CA. This will primarily be accomplished by the permanent shut-down of the Refinery's flexicoker unit (FXU), which is an energy-intensive unit that emits significant levels of GHGs. It is anticipated that the project will reduce GHG emissions at the facility by 15%, as well as reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by an accompanying 25%. Other project objectives include the integration of new energy-efficiency equipment, and the reconfiguration and modification of existing processing units to enable the Refinery to process lighter crude oil. The Project will not increase the Refinery's total production capacity or increase its capacity to refine heavy crude. Also, it would not add the capability to receive crude oil via rail.
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Contra Costa County Shell Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project
Contra Costa County Shell Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project