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Redwood National Park Resort CDP-14-016/CDP-14-008/SP-14-022
A Coastal Development Permit, Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit for a 152 unit transient habitation facility (special occupancy park), to include: a campground, RV Park, Lodge (commercial center), and gas station. The special occupancy park will include 82 RV sites, 48 tent camping sites, 12 park model cabins, 10 cottages, 3 bathhouses, internal trails connecting to the existing Redwood Creek Levee Trail, an open playing field, and a commercial center constructed in a traditional lodge building style. The commercial center will include the resort activity center, administrative offices, a deli and convenience store/gift shop, a touring center, and gas station. An existing residence will remain and be used as a caretaker's residence and office space. A 2,076 square foot maintenance barn will be constructed to the north of the residence and will house the wastewater treatment system operations and maintenance area. The on-site sewage disposal system proposed is an Orenco Advantex Wastewater Treatment system suitable for processing approximately 19,500 gallons of waste per day. The primary leach field will be located near the existing house. Water will be provided by the Orick Community Services District. All utility lines will be underground. The resort will host up to 12 special events per year such as weddings, celebrations, family reunions, school/youth field trips, and small musical productions. Events will generate a maximum of 100 attendees who are not staying on site and may be held between the hours of 12 pm and 9 pm. A Special Permit is included to establish parking for a non-enumerated use. A maximum of 100 additional guests (those not staying overnight at the Resort) will be attending special events. To meet this demand 50 parking spaces are proposed in addition to those required by the other facilities (277 parking spaces). Wetland 1 located at the base of the Redwood Creek Levee is partially located within the Coastal Zone. This wetland will not be altered as a result of the project. Other non-coastal wetlands (2 through 5) on site are NWI wetlands and will be filled to facilitate the project. Wetland fill will be mitigated by wetland creation and enhancement, to be implemented at a 2:1 ratio on the coastal portion of the site adjacent to the existing wetland within the 100-foot wetland setback area. Proposed on-site signage will include up to three monument signs that will be backlit or illuminated with down-shielding lighting.
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Humboldt County Redwood Parks Lodge Coastal Development and Conditional Use Permits
Humboldt County Redwood Parks Lodge Coastal Development and Conditional Use Permits
Humboldt County Redwood National Park Resort CDP-14-016/CDP-14-008/SP-14-022