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Highgate Estates
This proposed project involves the development of a five lot subdivision that includes three residential lots, one open space lot, and one detention basin lot, in addition to two fuel modification zones and a private access road parcel. The residential lots will be developed later for custom single family homes by subsequent buyers. The total area of direct impacts including lots and street improvements is 5.05 +/- acres. The open space lot (Lot 4) is 17.96 acres, and the two fuel modification zones, which are within the open space lot adjacent to residential lots 1 and 2, comprise 0.15 acre. The project is expected to cause the permanent loss of 0.002 acre of habitat for Lyon's pentachaeta (Pentachaeta lyonii) within the grading limits and the potential loss of 0.004 acre of habitat for Lyon's pentachaeta within the fuel modification zones. Indirect effects include increased habitat fragmentation, altered hydrology, adverse edge effects from the project encroaching on the east and north side of the main habitat area for Lyon's pentachaeta, removal of habitat that may contain undetected populations and unexpressed seed bank, and subsequent potential for reduced seed set and reduced outcrossing of Lyon's pentachaeta. The project is expected to result in incidental take of Lyon's pentachaeta, which is/are designated as an endangered species under CESA. The ITP referenced above as issued by CDFW authorizes incidental take of species listed under CESA that may occur as a result of project implementation.
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4 documents in project

Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Thousand Oaks Highgate Estates (California Endangered SPecies Act Incidental TAke Permit No. 2081-2017-023-05 (ITP))
City of Thousand Oaks Highgate Estates, FEIR No. 2014-70235
City of Thousand Oaks Highgate Estates
City of Thousand Oaks Highgate Estates