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Fallingstar Homes Grading Permit
Request by Fallingstar Homes Inc. for an as-built grading permit for grading that resulted in 37.6 acres of disturbance including approximately 153,700 cubic yards of cut and 153,700 cubic yards of fill, on a 164.5 acre parcel over an approximate 19 month period. Grading that remains to be completed would include disturbance of approximately 1,500 sf of an existing fill slope (unless the slope is determined to be stable by a soils engineer). The grading has allowed for construction of a barn, water tanks, and a horse exercise track, all of which have been developed. The exercise track is proposed for private use. It would not be used for special events. The proposed project is within the Agriculture land use category.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Luis Obispo County Fallingstar Homes, Inc. Grading Permit; PMT2006-02485
San Luis Obispo County Fallingstar Homes Grading Permit