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Secondary Ingress/Egress Road ROW
The project is the issuance of a thirty-year renewable road right-of-way (CACA 052688) to Mono County by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the construction, operation, maintenance, and termination of a gravel secondary ingress/egress road for Mono City, CA. The access road will provide an alternate route for the evacuation of residents and for emergency vehicle access, namely in the event of fire, but also for any emergency which may arise that prohibits use of East Mono Lake Drive. The existing material pit dirt road will be improved to 12 feet wide, approximately 2,220 feet long, and designed to be a one-way road. A new one-way road segment 12 feet wide and 370 feet long will be constructed from the pit road intersection with the parallel road to the well located at the fire station. The existing 12 foot wide, 260 feet long dirt road from the fire station parking area to the well will be widened to 18 feet and designed as a two-way road. The overall length of this proposed secondary access route would be 2,850 feet (0.53 miles). Two turnouts will be utilized. Total project area surface disturbance will be about 0.82 acres, the majority of which would be within the footprint of an existing road. New vegetation loss from construction and maintenance will be limited to 0.30 acres. The proposed road will be gated at the two primary access points (Highway 167 and just north of the Mono City Fire Station) and managed by Mono County for emergency ingress/egress purposes only. Three locking gates will be installed, with keys to be controlled by the Mono City FPD. The project has been designed to fully comply with State and local Fire Safe requirements, in direct consultation with Cal Fire.
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Mono County Mono City Secondary Ingress/Egress Road Right-of-Way
Mono County Secondary Ingress/Egress Road ROW