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Renewable Energy Streamlining Program (ED13-196)
The RESP consists of revisions to the inland Land Use Ordinance (LUO, Title 22) to streamline the development of distributed renewable energy resources, as well as associated revisions to the County's General Plan Conservation and Open Space Element and Williamson Act Rules of Procedure. Distributed energy resources may either be connected to the electric grid or serve on-site uses in stand-alone applications. The focus of the RESP is to support distributed solar energy facilities, but also includes update for other technologies such as wind energy conversion facilities. Code updates will provide greater certainty for renewable energy development and adopt performance standards that will reduce barriers to permitting certain renewable energy technologies. A new RE Combining Designation will be created in Chapter 22.14 of the LUO (and described in the Framework for Planning, Part I of the General Plan Land Use and Circulation Elements) to provide ministerial permits for a range of solar energy facilities. Additional studies may be required based on the presence of site-specific issues or the scale of the renewable energy facility. Discretionary review may be triggered within the RE Combining Designation by larger projects that require additional standards or conditions of approval. LUO Chapter 22.32 will be updated to provide development standards and performance criteria for renewable energy technologies proposed throughout the project boundaries. These revisions include streamlined permit review for certain types of renewable energy facilities and foster greater clarity and transparency in the renewable energy entitlement process. New content in Chapter 22.32 would simplify and standardize the application and entitlement process for all solar electric facilities and wind energy conversion systems countywide, both within and outside of the RE Combining Designation.
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San Luis Obispo County Renewable Energy Streamlining Program (ED13-196)
San Luis Obispo County Renewable Energy Streamlining Program (ED13-196)