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North Rodeo Gulch 4.75 Stream Bank Stabilization
The project is limited to construction of a steel soldier pile wall with timber lagging approximately 75 feet in length; toe slope protection between the creek channel and the base of the retaining wall (i.e. rock slope protection); and reconstruction of the roadway, roadway shoulder and metal guard rail. The construction area is approximately 130 feet long by 50 feet wide. Two construction staging areas will be located along Rodeo Gulch Road. A temporary access road will be installed in the northwest corner of the construction area. The construction access road will be removed upon project completion and measures will be taken to stabilize bare soil. All loose sediment will be removed from the active channel upon project completion and all bare areas will be seeded or planted and covered in mulch, blanket or straw. Temporary dewatering of a 130-linear-foot section of stream channel may occur. Implementation of erosion control and revegetation plans will provide short-term stability for areas disturbed during construction activities and long-term slope stability for the roadway embankment below the new retaining wall. The project will have no net fill within the limits of the ordinary high water mark. Debris from the failed roadway and embankment will be removed from the stream channel. Approximately 100 cubic yards of rock will be installed at the toe of the embankment beneath the streambed. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is executing a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement Number 1600-2014-0230-R3 pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project Applicant, Matthew Johnson, Santa Cruz County Department of Public Works.
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Santa Cruz County North Rodeo Gulch 4.75 Project
Santa Cruz County North Rodeo Gulch 4.75 Stream Bank Stabilization
Santa Cruz County North Rodeo Gulch 4.75 Stream Bank Stabilization