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100 West Walnut Planned Development
Note: Extended Review per lead The proposed 100 West Walnut development (the "Project") is a mixed-use development that would complement the existing office buildings on the site with the proposed development of 620,000 sf of office uses, of which up to 30,000 sf could be sued for ancillary retail uses, 10,000 sf of restaurant uses, and 475 residential units. The proposed development would be located on the paved parking area on the site and parking for the proposed Project would be provided via a multi-level subterranean parking structure offering a minimum of 3,760 parking spaces, which includes replacement spaces lost with the removal of the existing surface parking areas at the Project Site. All proposed development would occur within the portion of the Project Site located north of Holly Street. Figure 1 on page 2 shows the site in a regional context, while Figure 2 on page 3 shows the site in a local context. Figure 3 on page 4 is an aerial photograph of the Project Site and the immediate surroundings.
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City of Pasadena 100 West Walnut Planned Development
City of Pasadena 100 West Walnut Planned Development