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Northwest Fresno Walmart Project
CUP No. C-13-002 is a request for authorization to relocate the existing approx. 126,783 sq. ft. Walmart from 3680 West Shaw Avenue to the project site at 4080 West Shaw Avenue. The two sites are located on opposite sides of North Brawley Avenue. The new interior building sq. footage would be approx. 193,361 sq. ft. The project includes the request for authorization to sell alcoholic beverages consistent with a Type 21 alcohol license (sale of beer, wine, and distilled spirits for consumption off the premises where sold). The Walmart store would re-tenant the 1990's era, 193,361 sq. ft. commercial building formerly used by Super K-Mart and Dan Gamel Camp America RV Superstore has remained vacant since 2008; no additional sq. footage is being added to the existing building. The project includes interior remodeling, facade improvements, completion of an outdoor garden center area , enhanced landscaping, and the addition of energy sustainability features. The store's primary departments general merchandise and grocery sales and support area and general merchandise, with the remaining additional floor area distributed among a number of smaller departments, a food tenant and other service oriented entry vestibules at the front fo the sore. The Walmart store would operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The store would retail alcohol for offsite consumption; however, alcohol sales would not occur between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. in accordance with CA state law. The store would provide security measures such as video surveillance, onsite security personnel, and parking lot patrols to deter criminal and nuisance activity. The project uses are permitted by right; however, a conditional use permit is required because the applicant proposes to include the retail sale of alcohol for off-site consumption in the store's grocery department at the project site.
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Fresno County City of Fresno Conditional Use Permit Application No. C-13-002 and Environmental Impact Report No. 10149 Prepared for the Northwest Fresno Walmart Project
Fresno County Northwest Fresno Walmart Project
Fresno County Northwest Fresno Walmart Project