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Cosby Subdivision
A subdivision of an approximately 44,000 sf parcel into two parcels of 17,546 sf (gross) and 26,453 sf (gross). The parcel is currently developed with a single family residence and detached garage. The single family residence will be sited on proposed Parcel 2 and the garage will be sited on proposed Parcel 1. An exception to the subdivision standards is requested to allow the parcels to be served by a reduced right of way. The private road (Hidden Fox Lane) already exists and has a right of way width of between 26 and 40 feet wide. The subdivision is considered a Final Map due to owner's involvement of previous subdivisions on adjacent parcels. A Special Permit is required to allow the detached garage to remain on proposed Parcel 1 prior to the construction of a primary residence. Water and sewer provided by McKinleyville CSD.
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Humboldt County Cosby Subdivision
Humboldt County Cosby Subdivision