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Amendments to the Regulation for Mandatory Reporting of GHG
Note: F.E.D. / Review per lead The purpose of the proposed amendments to the reporting regulation is to carry out the goals of AB 32 and maintain a robust and accurate GHG reporting program. The mandatory reporting program tracks the emissions. The proposed amendments will support the Cap-and-Trade regulation with the highest quality of data by collecting additional information to ensure the accuracy of the data used for benchmarking, allocation of allowances, and the covered emissions calculation. Additionally, the amendments will help to make certain that reported GHG emissions data is accurate and complete in order to support emissions reduction programs throughout the state.
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California Air Resources Board (ARB) Amendments to the Regulation for Mandatory Reporting of GHG
California Air Resources Board (ARB) Prop: Amendments to MRR and Conforming Amendments to AB 32 COI and Cap-and-Trade Regulations