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San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant Solar Project
To permit the operation and construction of a helped for emergency air transportation services with an associated 1,872-square foot modular crew trailer. The proposed helipad would consist of a 34-foot painted square on the concrete to designate the touch down and lift off (TLOF) area for the Reach Air helicopter. The TLOF area would be identified by a 12-inch solid white painted perimeter strip, glass beads, and 16 green flush mounted ground lights. An 11.5-foot wide ring would be painted around the helipad to clearly designate the safety area while the helicopter is in operation. The certified (Airbus EC 135) turbine engine helicopter would be parked and stored on site on the proposed helipad, and would be available for emergency calls throughout the San Diego region. The helipad would be located at the northwest corner of the Fire Training Facility and at least 111-feet from any buildings on site. The proposed helipad would be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and helicopter flights would be intermittent. Based on current activity of the existing and temporary helipad located at the Oceanside Airport, it is anticipated that helicopter trips wold average 1.48 arrivals and departures per week. The helipad and support facilities would be located on an 8,024-square foot project area at the northwestern portion of the City of Oceanside's Fire Training facility parcel adjacent to Jones Road. The crew trailer would include three bedrooms, a supply room, two bathrooms, a break room, a kitchen, and a flight plan room. In addition, an 8 foot x 10 foot shed would be installed on site and used to store additional maintenance and safety apparatus equipment for Reach Air. All necessary utilities (electrical, water, sewer, cable) are available for connection on site. Access to the helipad and crew trailer would be via Jones Road, and the proposed six parking stalls would be located south and adjacent to the proposed modular crew trailer. The architecture of the crew trailer would be consistent with many of the modular buildings within the site and the trailer would be screened from public view by the proposed perimeter vegetation and existing slate fence around the project site.
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City of Oceanside Reach Air
City of Oceanside San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant Solar Project