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Alberhill Villages Specific Plan (SP 2010-02)
The approx. 1,375 acre Alberhill Villages Specific Plan No. 2010-02 will provide 8,024 residential units, distributed over a wide variety of unit types and sizes. The plan also includes a University Town Center with 1,335,800 sq. ft. of retail/community space, and medical/office development. Additional mixed use areas will include 974,500 sq. ft. of retail and service uses. Approx. 63.1 acres are designated for a university or similar education institutional use which could accommodate 6000 students and 1,500,000 sq. ft. of indoor facilities. Regional and community amenities include an elementary school, places of religious assembly, over 199 acres of natural or enhanced open space with multi-use trails, a 36.8-acre lakeside park with two lakes totaling 39.6 acres, recreational lake facilities, as well as a 45.9 acre sports park. The GPA proposes that the project site's land use designation be changed to "Alberhill Villages Specific Plan." The GPA also proposes changes to the General Plan's Circulation Element within the approx. 1,375-acre project site generally located south of I-15 and west of Lake Street. The Zone Change proposes to change the Project's site's zoning from a mix of zoning designations, including Residential Mixed-Use, Hillside Single-Family Residential, Rural Mountainous Residential, Medium Density Residential, High Density Residential, Open Space, Recreation, Public Institutional, General Commercial and Commercial Mixed-Use, to "Alberhill Villages Specific Plan."
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Lake Elsinore Alberhill Villages Specific Plan (SP No. 2010-02), General Plan Amendment No. 2012-01, Zone Change No. 2012-02 and related Environmental Impact Report (SCH#2012
City of Lake Elsinore Alberhill Villages Specific Plan (SP 2010-02)
City of Lake Elsinore Alberhill Villages Specific Plan (SP 2010-02), General Plan Amend. No. 2012-01 and Zone Change No. 2012-02