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Halus Power Systems Wind Turbine (PLN2012-00006)
The proposed project is an 80-foot tall, single wind turbine to be located at 2539 Grant Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94579. Blades will extend an additional 20 feet from the structure for a maximum height of 100 feet. The turbine will operate at times when wind conditions are suitable and the blades will rotate at a maximum of 44 rpm's. The proposed turbine will generate a peak of approximately 50 kW of electricity. The annual production is expected to be about 75,000 kWh's. Noise levels for the proposed wind turbine are anticipated to not exceed 55 dBA. The proposed wind turbine will be located on a monopole in the interior of the site. Structures up to sixty (60) feet in height are permitted in the IG Zoning District and a variance to height is required for exceeding 60 feet. The proposed tower would be an accessory use to the primary manufacturing/R&D use of the site.
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City of San Leandro Halus Power Systems Wind Turbine (PLN2012-00006)
City of San Leandro Halus Power Systems Wind Turbine (PLN2012-00006)