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Whole Foods and the Park
The proposed project includes the development of two parcels totaling 5.88 acres. The project site is currently vacant. The proposed project consists of a 38,425 s.f. community shopping center in the Civic Center area of the City of Malibu. The floor area ratio (FAR) for the project would be 0.15. The shopping center is designed to be anchored by a 24,459 s.f. Whole Foods Market and four smaller commercial retail buildings totaling 13,876 s.f. The buildings would have pitched roofs up to 28 ft in height and would surround a central parking area. The project would also include 4,800 s.f. of outdoor seating; 103,341 s.f. of onsite landscaping and 4,515 s.f. of offsite landscaping; 220 parking spaces; and other infrastructure improvements. Entitlements requested for the proposed project include: - Coastal Development Permit (CDP) No. 10-022 - Lot Merger (LM) No. 10-004 - General Plan Amendment No. 11-001 - Zoning Map Amendment No. 11-001 - Final Environmental Impact Report No. 11-001 - Civic Center Northeast Specific Plan
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City of Malibu Whole Foods and the Park Shopping Center
City of Malibu Whole Foods and the Park
City of Malibu Whole Foods and the Park
City of Malibu Whole Foods and the Park