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Bagnas Residences
The subject application includes two Building Site approvals (Parcel A & B), and one Grading Authorization to construct two single-family residences. On Parcel A (County File 8580-10BA-10G-11V), the applicant proposes to construct a single family residence with an attached garage. Included in the project is also a Variance request to reduce the front and west side setbacks. On Parcel B (County File 8224-10BA-10G), a single-family residence with an attached garage and an attached secondary dwelling unit is proposed, and legalizing grading work done for a landslide repair. Total estimated grading quantities to improve both Parcel A & B is 11,854 cubic yards of cut and 640 cubic yards of fill.
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Santa Clara County Bagnas Residences
Santa Clara County Bagnas Residences