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Taylor Minor Subdivision
A Minot Subdivision to divide an approximately 17.3 acre parcel into two parcels of 2.0 acres and 15.3 acres. The parcel is currently developed with several legal, non-conforming residences, specifically eight (8) single family residences, one duplex, three (3) garages and a barn. Seven (7) residences and two (2) garages are proposed to remain on proposed Parcel 1. A manufactured home is proposed to be removed on proposed Parcel 2 such that it can be replaced with a new single family residence. The duplex on proposed Parcel 2 will be converted to secondary dwelling unit and the barn will remain. All development is currently served with water and sewer by McKinleyville Community Services District.
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Humboldt County Taylor Minor Subdivision
Humboldt County Taylor Minor Subdivision