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Silver Spur Culvert Replacement
DFG is executing a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement, pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code, to the Project applicant. Caltrans proposes to restore proper drainage through the culvert and prevent undermining of the highway. One of the current culverts would be backfilled and abandoned. Inside the other culvert a new smaller pipe would be placed to convey subsurface flow. To convey larger flows, Caltrans proposes to install a 63-inch plastic pipe above the existing culverts. The Project would place 131 cubic yards of rock slope protection and gabion baskets to dissipate hydraulic energy and prevent erosion. The Project would require the removal of three CA bay laurels 8 to 12 inches in diameter at breast height and three willows 4 to 8 inches DBH. There is an existing Seacliff buckwheat plant (habitat for the Smith's blue butterfly) located within the area of disturbance. The plant, soil, and duff will be relocated. Work will occur in the wetted portion of the channel so a water diversion plan will be required.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
California Department of Transportation, District 5 State Route 1 Silver Spur Culvert Replacement Project - Agreement 2010-0004-R4
California Department of Transportation, District 5 Silver Spur Culvert Replacement