SCH Number 2011032022

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Nielsen Lot Line Adjustment
A Lot Line Adjustment between two legal parcels (comprised of APN: 312-151-16 and a portion of 313-061-06) to result in two parcels of 52.66 acres and 20.06 acres. The purpose of the Lot Line Adjustment is to create a parcel large enough to support residential development. The parcel is currently developed with a single family residence, a barn, accessory outbuildings and an on-site sewage disposal system. A Calfire exception request to the maximum length of dead end road is also part of the project and has been approved by Calfire. The parcels are or will be served by an existing well and on-site sewage disposal systems.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
Humboldt County Nielsen Lot Line Adjustment
Humboldt County Nielsen Lot Line Adjustment