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The Farm Neighborhood Park
The Project includes the installation of a pedestrian bridge, the installation of an outfall pipe, and the restoration of portion of the riparian habitat within the bed and banks of the unnamed channel. The instream channel restoration work will focus on the repair and stabilization of three existing headcuts in the channel bed, which are currently supported by a mixture of logs, roots, and debris (car tires, outdoor furniture and other trash). The channel repair will stabilize these features, thereby reducing the long-term potential for bank instability, in addition to increasing habitat quality, water quality, and aesthetics of the riparian corridor. The goal of the restoration and bank stabilization work is to mimic the existing character of health local ephemeral coastal drainages in the area by using wood harvested on-site for grade and erosion control features rather than rock or other hard reinforcement. Wood placement for instream channel stabilization will provide the natural appearance of a network of fallen trees. These features will resist movement and enhance ecologic function. The California Department of Fish and Game is executing a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement Number 1600-2011-0155 pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project Applicant, Santa Cruz County Department of Public Works - Parks as represented by Betsey Lynberg.
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Santa Cruz County The Farm Neighborhood Park
Santa Cruz County The Farm Neighborhood Park
Santa Cruz County The Farm Neighborhood Park