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Minor Exceptions
This project consists of 2 parts. The first part would implement provisions in state law regarding variances by amending Chapter 13.10 of the Santa Cruz County Code to allow consideration of minor exceptions from zoning site standards for height, setbacks, distance between structures, lot coverage and floor area ratio without requiring a public hearing. Part two would amend the zoning ordinance to add specific, limited exceptions to zoning site standards, consisting of the following: 1) Add setback and height exceptions for residential garages to facilitate improved residential design and siting. 2) Add height exceptions for parapets on on-residential structures to facilitate improved designs and fire safety. 3) Provide a discretionary review process to consider height exceptions for commercial or industrial structures to facilitate innovative designs. 4) Add a front setback exceptions for structure in all gone district to allow for greater protection of the environment and improved public safety.
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Santa Cruz County Minor Exceptions from Zoning Site Standards
Santa Cruz County Minor Exceptions