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Peterson Hill Subdivision (Subdivision #2010-011, Schroeder)
Subdivision Map for proposed division of two separate adjoining parcels, which total 145.65 acres, into a total of eight parcels. The proposed parcels range in size from 4 acres to 42 acres in size. The southern most of the has existing access from a private road which connects to Highway 395 at a point ~ 2,750 feet northwest of Church Street (Co. Rd. STO2). The adjoining parcel (3A) has access through a series of easements which connect to Church Street. The primary access for the remaining six parcels is from Saddleback Lane to the proposed parcels. The secondary access for these six northern parcels is through existing and proposed easements which would connect the proposed parcels to Church Street (Co. Rd. STO2).
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Lassen County Peterson Hill Subdivision (Subdivision #2010-011, Schroeder)
Lassen County Subdivision Map #2010-011, Schroeder