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Running Springs Water District Outfall Line Repair Project
The Running Springs Water District (RSWD) or District constructed a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in approximately 1971 and installed a treated effluent outfall line from the WWTP to a point of discharge near an unnamed creek about a mile and half upstream of this creek's confluence with Little Mill Creek. The outfall line was completed in the summer of 1970 and it traverses a fairly steep ridge from the treatment plan down to the discharge point near the unnamed creek channel. The section of pipeline that is of concern begins on the east side of the canyon bottom (stream channel) and extends under the channel and then west northwest toward the treatment plant. By replacing this section of the pipeline, the District will eliminate the questionability of the existing line being used as the primary line. The District intends to replace the section of the inverted siphon that runs beneath the ephemeral creek. This section of the pipe is currently plugged and was the reason the west of the siphon ruptured. Several attempts were made to unplug the line using different mechanical as well as machines, but none were successful. During the most recent repair of the siphon, it was noted that the previous repair attempts did not meet current standards for the type of repairs attempted. Due to the number of non-compliant repairs under and/or questionably segments of pipe within the siphon zone, the District has decided to replace the siphon to ensure an additional 40-year service life for the outfall line.
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Running Springs Water District Outfall Line Repair Project
Running Springs Water District Running Springs Water District Outfall Line Repair Project