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Chula Vista Office Building Lighting, Ventilation and Irrigation Upgrades
The project proposes three Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) for the DMV's Chula Vista Field Office site. The first measure (lighting) includes replacing existing inefficient indirect light fixtures with lower wattage higher efficiency light fixtures throughout the building. This ECM will provide energy efficiency upgrades. The second measure (HVAC) includes converting the existing constant volume multi-zone unit by installing variable air volume (VAV) conversion "kits" and variable-frequency drives (VFDs) to control the supply fan. In ventilation systems, VAV and VFDs on fans save energy by allowing the volume of air moved to match the system demand. The third measure (Irrigation) includes the site's irrigation control system upgrade with weather based irrigation controllers and software. This irrigation control system will be internet based, allowing for automatic adjustments for daily scheduling, cycling, and soaking, thus preventing excess water use. The construction contractor will follow any hazardous material waste handling and disposal with respect to appropriate local, state, and federal rules/regulations.
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California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Chula Vista Office Building Lighting, Ventilation and Irrigation Upgrades