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Wastewater Treatment Pond 1A and Pond 1B
The Project is the second stage of Phase 1 improvements, which are proposed to increase treatment capacity, enhance operational flexibility, and provide storage. The Project will increase the WWTF capacity to 0.34 million gallons per day (MGD), which is within the permitted capacity of 0.4 MGD. The Project, Stage 1B, consists of installing a new high-density polyethylene lined treatment pond (Pond 5) with associated piping and appurtenances. The two lined treatment ponds (Pond 4 and the new Pond 5) will total about 5.8 acres in surface area. Additionally, the Project includes construction of a new unlined treated wastewater storage pond with inlet and discharge pipelines. Excavated soil from the construction of both ponds and the new storage pond will be used to construct berms around the ponds. Excess excavated soil will be placed on the east side of all the ponds to create a containment berm and access road, with a tail water ditch adjacent to the containment berm. The Project will reroute the influent force main to Pond 5 (with a bypass option into Pond 4), install surface aerators in Pond 4 and 5 with electrical system and motor control center upgrades, construct a headworks pad and structure, and construct a new lift station to replace the Bay View lift station. The new lift station will be constructed adjacent to the existing Bay View lift station. The treatment process flow after the Project is completed will start at the new lift station and pump wastewater to the new headworks, where wastewater will gravity-flow to treatment Ponds 4 and 5, to the new storage pond, to Ponds 2 and 3, and to Pond 1. The WWTF will continue to discharge effluent to the 80-acre pasture from Pond 1.
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Santa Nella County Water District Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project, Stage 1B (Project); Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) No. C-06-7132-110
Santa Nella County Water District Wastewater Treatment Pond 1A and Pond 1B