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Madrone Landfill Closure Project
The scope of the Madrone Landfill Closure Project includes the following: 1. Closure of the landfill on site in accordance with the "Madrone Landfill Closure Workplan", dated October 28, 2002. 2. Construction of an interim trail, during the removal and reconstruction of the existing segment of Coyote Creek Trail on site. 3. Removal of the existing paved public trail, a segment of Coyote Creek Trail, and reconstruction of a new paved trail and new fencing in the approximate original location. Prior to start of construction on the subject project, a silt fence will be placed at the tow of the slope of Coyote Creek to minimize sediment from entering the creek and act as a physical barrier between the work zone and the creek.
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Santa Clara County Madrone Landfill Closure Project
Santa Clara County Madrone Landfill Closure Project