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Warner Ranch
Note: Review Per Lead The Warner Ranch project is a master planned community encompassing 513 acres and would consist of creating a total of 780 dwelling units, a 4.2 acre public park, approximately 7.7 acres of private parks, a clubhouse, 2.7 miles of public and private trails, and 359 acres of open space. Of the 780 dwelling units, 534 would be single family detached residences, 30 would be attached residences and 216 would be multi-family townhomes. Onsite grading would be balanced on-site with approximately 2.3 million cy of cut and fill. Access to the project site would be from SR 76. Frontage improvements along SR 76 would include the addition of acceleration and deceleration lanes. The Rainbow Municipal Water District would provide water and sewer service after annexation and the county fire authority would provide fire protection services. A fire station would be constructed onsite and be transferred to the county fire authority. The site is currently subject to the county's land use designation, RL-40. Zoning for the site is A-70 and A72. The project is located on the north side of SR-76, approximately four miles east of the I-5 within the Pala Pauma Subregional Planning area within the unincorporated area of San Diego county.
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San Diego County Warner Ranch
San Diego County Warner Ranch, Log No. 06-02-020;3810 06-002