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City of Visalia General Plan Update
Visalia General Plan Update: This document is intended to replace the existing General Plan, which was adopted in 1991 and last updated in 1996, and other general Plan elements that were adopted generally before and after 1991. The General Plan is composed of goals, policies, a land use diagram, and other graphic figures and maps (e.g. open space systems, a transportation network, and public facilities) to guide future development within the City's boundaries, through the year 2030, full development under the General Plan Update is referred to as "buildout". Although the General Plan envisions policies and land of a site for a certain use docs not necessarily mean the site will be built or redeveloped with that use in the next 20 years. The Land Use Element of the General Plan provides a more detailed discussion and analysis of General Plan buildout. At buildout, the General Plan will accommodate a population of 207,900 persons, an increase of about 83,400 persons over the 2010 US Census population of 124,440. Over a 20 year period, this represents an annual growth rate of 2.6%. Also at buildout, the General Plan Update will accommodate approximately 76,100 housing units (an increase of 32,000 units) and 22.75 million square feet of non-residential floor area over existing conditions. The proposed General Plan includes the following elements: Land Use, Circulation, Open Space, Conservation, Noise, Safety, and Air Quality and Greenhouse Gasses (GHG). It also includes two optional elements that address local concerns: Historic Preservation and Parks, Schools, Community Facilities, and Utilities. The Housing Element was adopted in March 2010 as a separate volume and is not included in this update.
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City of Visalia NOD for General Plan Amendment No. 2021-01
City of Visalia Visalia General Plan Update and Climate Action Plan
City of Visalia City of Visalia General Plan Update
City of Visalia City of Visalia General Plan Update