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Zoning Amendment No. 2009-087
Amends Chapter 17.40 (Agriculture Exclusive Zone) of Title 17, the Mariposa County Zoning Code, to allow consideration of agritourism/agri-nature tourism uses and activities and related uses, and standards for those uses and activities. Also amends Chapter 17.108 (Supplementary Standards). This text is proposed to add agricultural homestays into the language currently regulating bed and breakfast and transient rental uses. Amends Chapter 17.148 (Definitions) to provide definitions for agritourism and agri-nature tourism uses and activites as well as additional definitions relating to other uses, such as "agricultural homestays", "ecotourism" and "geotourism." A new chapter, Chapter 17.114, establishes a process for allowing uses under an Administrative Use Permit (AUP). This is necessary because the amendments to Chapter 17.40 allow certain uses in the Agriculture Exclusive Zone to be permitted under an AUP.
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Mariposa County Zoning Amendment No. 2009-087
Mariposa County Zoning Amendment No. 2009-087