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SMB20 (Walgreens Mixed Use) Project
NOTE: Review Period Extended Per Lead The Project involves the redevelopment of the site. The existing commercial buildings, which provide 16,681 sq. ft. of commercial space, would be demolished and replaced with an approximately 35,975 sq. ft., three-story mixed-use building and an approximately 1,052 square-foot one-story residential building. The mixed-use building would provide an approximately 13,276 sq. ft. drug store and an approximately 2,138 sq. ft. of specialty retail uses on the ground level, and 18 multi-family residential units on the second and third levels. The single-story 1,052 sq. ft. residential building would provide two residential units and would be located in the southeastern portion of the Project site. The Project would provide 10% (two units) of the 20 proposed units as low-income housing and 10% (two units) as moderate-income housing.
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City of West Hollywood SMB20 (Walgreens Mixed Use) Project
City of West Hollywood SMB20 (Walgreens Mixed Use) Project