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Barham Stormdrain Project
The proposed project implements storm drainage improvements recommended in the City of Yreka Master Plan of Drainage, as adopted in August 2005. The proposed project consists of the replacement of approximately 3,250 feet of an ecisting 10 and 18 inch stormdrain pipeline with a 36-inch pipeline. The existing stormdrain pipe extends from the Barham stormdrain detention basin, which is being constructed as a component of the Stormwater Attenuation and Floodplain Restoration Project (SCH No. 2007032159), to an existing outfall at Yreka Creek. The City has received an Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) Proposition 40 grant from the State Water Resources Control Board for the installation of storm drain infrastructure. This project, in combination with previously completed and future planned stormwater management projects, is part of a cumulative effort by the City of Yreka to reduce flood impacts throughout the City. The parcels are zoned CH (Commercial Highway), CT (Commercial Tourist), R-1 (Single Family Residential), CPO (Commercial Professional Office), R-3-12 (High Density Residential) and RSC (Recreation, School Conservation and Open Space). The project is surrounded by various land uses, including residential, commercial, open space, and school uses. The majority of the proposed project will be located within existing paved City streets on Sherman Street, Knapp Streetm North Oregon Street and Blake Street.
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City of Yreka Barham Stormdrain Project
City of Yreka Barham Stormdrain Project
City of Yreka Barham Stormdrain Project