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Homan Major Subdivision
A phased Final Map Subdivision to create six parcels ranging in size from approximately 2.2 acres to 6.9 acres. The objective is to create separate legal lots consistent with a 2-acre minimum parcel size, suitable for residential development,while protecting sensitive habitat and visual qualities. The project will be developed in two phases. The existing approximately 19 acre parcel is developed with one residence. The property has frontage on Anderson Lane and Stagecoach Road. Access is from a private road from Anderson Lane, which serves the single family home on the property and two off site residences. A similar Final Map Subdivision was previously proposed on the subject site to create nine parcels. Prior to the public hearing for that project, County Staff, affected regulatory agencies and the applicant had reached agreement regarding the conditions of approval that would be applied to the project. The current application has been modified to reduce the number of parcels and limit tree removal. All new development will be served by on-site water and sewage disposal systems.
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Humboldt Community Services District Homan Subdivision
Humboldt Community Services District Homan Major Subdivision
Humboldt Community Services District Homan Major Subdivision