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SA Recycling Facility
NOTE: Extended Review per lead. The project applicant has submitted an application for Zone Variance no. PZV 08-030 to allow at 10-ft block wall/fence along the southern property boundary. In addition, the proposed project involves a Special Use Permit No. PSP 09-005 to approve a Solid Waste Recycling Operation on 14 acres in the M-1 (Light Manufacuring) Zone. The project site is located on the south side of Avenue 232 (Tulare Avenue/Tulare Drive), ~2,000 ft east of Road 92 (West Street) in Tulare County Four acres of the project site have been used for recycling operations since 2006.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Tulare County SA Recycling Facility
Tulare County SA Recycling PSP No. 09-005/PZV No. 08-030 (ZA)