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Lake Minor Subdivision
A Minor Subdivision of an ~0.9 acre parcel into 4 parcels between 3,135 (net) sf and 8,378 (net) sf. The parcel is currently developed with a single family residence and assorted outbuildings that will be demolished. A Special Permit is required for an exception to the loading space requirement for commercial development based on the level of anticipated use. The parcel is currently planned Community Commercial, however, under the General Plan Update, proposed Parcels 2, 3 and 4 will likely be planned multi-family. Therefore, this subdivision can be supported with either plan designation. Also the project includes an exception to the minimum right of way width requirement and a Planned Development Permit to allow flexibility for future residential development with regard to parking and lot coverage. Water and sewer service is provided by the McKinleyville Community Services District.
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2 documents in project

Type Lead Agency Received Title
Humboldt County Lake Parcel Map Subdivision and Special Permit
Humboldt County Lake Minor Subdivision