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Test Wells Nos. 17 and 18 Project
The District provides water to ~2,520 acres of land within the Idyllwild community. The District's service are includes ~1,600 water connections, supplying about 300 acre ft of water per year. The District operates a complete potable water system, with many of its wells, storage reservoirs and pumps located at the Dutch Flat/Foster Lake complex. The District accesses groundwater primarily through vertical wells and, to a much lesser degree, through gravity-fed slant wells. Slant wells also rely on groundwater table levels in adjacent higher topography and due to their location produce much less water during drought conditions. To identify new locations for new wells that have the greatest potential to produce significant quantities of water without interfering with existing wells, the District evaluated geologic literature and the mapping of sedimentary materials in the area. The District also had electro-seismic surveys, conducted for the proposed test well sites. Based on the data obtained from the surveys and the literature review, including geologic comparisons and the known yield of existing wells, the proposed test well sites for Test Wells No. 17 and 18 were selected.
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Idyllwild Water District Test Wells Nos. 17 and 18 Project
Idyllwild Water District Test Wells Nos. 17 and 18 Project