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Hosford Subdivision
A Final Map Subdivision creating 4 parcels and a 5th adjusted by LLA. The parcels will range in size from 6,000 sf - 11,095 sf (after LLA). Two parcels will be developed with 2 family dwellings in order to comply with the midpoint density requirement pursuant to the Housing Element and the Residential Multiple Family General Plan designation. The existing dwelling on proposed Lot 2 will remain. All parcels will be accessed via Redwood Street, a paved County road, which will be significantly improved as a result of this project. The Special Permit is required for the removal of 5 redwood trees and for an exception to the parking requirements for proposed Parcel 4 and Parcel B of the LLA. The area is served by community water and sewer.
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Humboldt County Hosford Subdivision
Humboldt County Hosford Subdivision