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Santa Teresa County Park Historic Area Site Plan
The project consists of a site plan for the undeveloped portion of the Santa Teresa County Park Area. The Site Plan is a concept document which identifies proposed improvements including trails connecting functional and interpretive areas within the project site, a trail connection to developed portions of the Historic Area, a staging area/parking lot, site access, street improvements along Curie Drive and San Ignacio Avenue, bus drop-off/parking area on Curie Drive, fencing, interpretive and display areas and facilities, signage (interpretive, directional, and regulatory), vegetated areas/plantings, restored oak woodlands and native grasslands, elements that depict the water theme (water theme elements include a dry creek bed, seasonal water detention areas or swales, and aesthetic water features such as a well and troughs), related infrastructure improvements, such as storm drainage and irrigation, and a visitor center which includes a courtyard, courtyard walls, trellises, and gardens. The proposed visitor center was evaluated at a program level and will require additional CEQA analysis prior to implementation/construction. The Site Plan also recommends a future trail which would allow trail users access from the new parking area to the existing Norred trail and future development of shared-use pathways along the perimeter of the Historic Area with a loop trail/access to connect to the existing Norred trail in the park.
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Santa Clara County Santa Clara County Park Historic Area Site Plan
Santa Clara County Santa Teresa County Park Historic Area Site Plan