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Citracado High School
The California Department of Fish and Game is issuing an Agreement regarding the Stream Alteration to the project applicant, Hanson Aggregates Pacific Southwest, Inc. The Project is limited to the construction of a new career technology high school within a 23-acre foot print, and installation of landscaping elsewhere on the 35.72 acre project site. The school will include three main buildings (a classroom building, administrations building, and a multipurpose building), parking lots, playfields, an outdoor amphitheater, and other ancillary features common to schools. The school plans include approximately 876 500 square feet of total landscape area, with 83 percent being planted with native species. 26.92 acres of the 36.35-acre site will be cleared of vegetation as part of grading activities. Approximately 101,500 cubic yards of cut and fill material will be graded on-site to create relatively level building pads for the structures, parking lots, and playfield area. The onsite stream (Drainage A) is 1,108 linear feet (0.10 acre) and passes through a recently cleared eucalyptus woodland area. Currently the stumps remain in place. Approximately 30,000 cubic yard of native onsite soil will be used to fill the upper 110 linear feet (0.01 acre) of Drainage A in order to create a playfield for the high school. The remaining 778 linear feet of Drainage A shall be enhanced and restored through herbicide treatment of blue gum (Eucalyptus sp.) stumps, suckers and seedlings, and hydroseeding and/or broadcast seeding the area with native vegetation.
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Escondido Union School District Citracado High School Project
Escondido Union School District Citracado High School
Escondido Union School District Citracado High School
Escondido Union School District Citracado High School