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Addendum to MND for County File MS05-0013
Staff Report and Addendum for the Pine Creek Two-Lot Minor Subdivision Project. The applicant is requesting approval of modifications to the conditions of approval for the project to allow changes to the drainage plan, which would now manage the stormwater with an outlet draining to the Arroyo del Cerro on the property. The approved project proposed to convey the runoff from the site to an existing private drainage system to the west of the property that would convey the runoff to an adjoining watershed that drains to Arroyo del Cerro. However, the applicant has not been able to secure access to the private drainage system, so the drainage plan must be modified. All approved development would remain the same other than the drainage.
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Contra Costa County Addendum to MND for County File MS05-0013
Contra Costa County Pine Creek Two-Lot Minor Subdivision Project County File #CDCV19-00063
Contra Costa County County File #MS050013