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Steve Lorenzini Tentative Parcel Map (TSM-09-01)
NOTE: Review Per Lead The applicant requests Tentative Subdivision Map (TSM-09-01) approval to subdivide a 159.14 acre parcel in the Prime Agricultural zone district into Parcel 1, 40.01 acres; and Remainder, 119.3 acres. Parcel 1 contains a dwelling, some agricultural structures, including one which crosses the parcel boundary line, an existing on-site septic system. The remainder parcel contains agricultural structures, but no existing domestic water well or existing on-site septic system. Proposed land uses for the parcel will remain agricultural. The project requires a Tentative Subdivision Map instead of a Tentative Parcel Map because it is a consecutive subdivision of the project parcel under Section 66424.1 of the Subdivision Map Act.
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Siskiyou County Steve Lorenzini Tentative Parcel Map (TSM-09-01)
Siskiyou County Steve Lorenzini Tentative Parcel Map (TSM-09-01)