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Parkmerced Project
NOTE: Review Per Lead The Parkmerced Project is a long-term mixed use development program to comprehensively replan and redesign the site, increase residential density, provide new commercial and retail services, and improve utilities within the development site. About 1,683 of the existing apartments located in 11 tower buildings would be retained, and over a period of ~20 years, the remaining 1,538 existing apartments would be demolished in phases and fully replaced, and an additional 5,679 net new unit would be added to the Project Site, resulting in a total of about 8,900 units on the With project implementation, there would be a total of 8,900 units on the Project Site. New neighborhood-serving retail and office space, retail uses, a new Pre K-5 school and day care facility, fitness center, as well as new open space uses, including athlethic fields, walking and biking paths, an approximately 2-acre organic farm, and community gardens are planned. The Proposed Project includes construction of (or provides financing for construction of) a series of transportation improvements, which include rerouting the existing Muni Metro M Ocean View line from its current alignment along 19th Avenue. The Proposed Project also includes a series of infrastructure improvements along 19th Avenue, Junipero Serra Boulevard Way, and Lake Merced Boulevard, including the installation of a combination of renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic cells, to meet a portion of the Proposed Project's energy demand. In addition, stormwater runoff from buildings and streets would be captured and filtered through a series of bioswales, ponds, and other natura filtration systems. tHe filtered stormwater would then either percolated into the groundwater that feeds the Upper Westside groundwater basin and Lake Merced or be released directly into Lake Merced. The Proposed Project would require amendments to the San Francisco Planning Code and the San Francisco General Plan. The Planning Code amendments would change the Height and Bulk District Zoning Map and would add a Special Use District (SUD) applicable to the entire Project site, which would include an overlay of density and uses within the SUD. A Development Agreement is also proposed, which would be accompanied by the proposed Parkmerced Design Standards and Guidelines with specific development guidelines. The transportation improvements would require approval of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, the California Public Utilities Commission and Caltrans.
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City and County of San Francisco Parkmerced Project
City and County of San Francisco Parkmerced Project