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First Street Cottages
Development proposal to subdivide two parcels of land totaling 2.08 acres into 24 townhouse lots with two remainder parcels. The project includes 15 detached units and 18 attached "duplex" units for a total of 33 units. The detached units will all have two stories and 2 bedrooms. The duplex units will have three stories, with one unit containing 2 bedrooms with the other unit having 1 bedroom. Access to the new development will be via a private road which connects to First Street. Driveways off the new private street shall provide access to all units. A 16,312 sf remainder parcel will be located at the north end of the project which will serve as a creek setback buffer, and will include a portion that will be available for passive outdoor use.
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City of Napa First Street Cottages
City of Napa First Street Cottages