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Freeman Minor Subdivision
The minor subdivision of a vacant 57 acre parcel into four (4) parcels and a Remainder. The parcels will range in size from 5.85 - 27.9 acres. Sewage disposal and geologic reports have been submitted to verify suitable residential building sites on all of the proposed parcels. These parcels will be served by Berta Road off Elk River Road. During the development of the Eureka Community Plan (ECP) portions of the Elk River valley were zoned AG-B-6 which prohibited further subdivision given the flooding and access issues associated with Berta Road and the Elk River valley. The subject parcels, however, were intentially left with a 5-acre minimum and the option to be subdivided in the future. This project does require a Firesafe exception which was granted by Calfire.
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Humboldt County Freeman Minor Subdivision
Humboldt County Freeman Minor Subdivision