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Club Estates; TM 5499; ER 06-03-003
The project is a Tentative Map to divide 48.31 acres into 31 residential lots, one street lot, and one open space lot, and one open space lot. The project site is located on Hwy 76 in the Pala-Pauma Community Plan Area, within unincorporated San Diego County. The site contains an existing residence and two existing groundwater wells that would remain. Access would be provided by a private road connecting to HY 76. The project is within the sphere of influence and proposes to annex into the Pauma Valley Community Services District and the Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company. The project will require approx. 400ft. of extension of off-site sewer and approx. 20ft. of extension of off-site water utilities. Earthwork will consist of cut and fill of 30,000 and 23,000 cubic yards of material. The project includes the following off-site improvements: hwy widening in the existing and to-be-dedicated Caltrans right-of-way for Hwy 76 for a left turn lane and a deceleration lane, relocation of existing utility poles along Hwy 76, as well as the extension of water and sewer lines off-site to the southwest in an existing easement in favor of the project property.
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2 documents in project

Type Lead Agency Received Title
San Diego County Club Estates Major Subdivision (31 Lots) TM 5499; ER 06-03003
San Diego County Club Estates; TM 5499; ER 06-03-003